Over the years there have been many photo's taken of our team, our gear, and
our training's. Below are only a few. Check back often for new one's
This is our trailer. It is a 18' Interstate. We've had it customized to fit our needs, including 4 Ready stations, work
station, extra tank storage, and fine Merrilat cabinets for other storage. Our Divers have a full range of gear at their
disposal. We use, and are very happy with, the Whites Polar Flex Drysuit. We are equipped with AGA's and
comms, U/W video and still images.
These are some photo's from a
training at the Gilboa Quarry in near
Findley Oh. As for the white bikini
girl.....well, she not one of us, but
she made the mistake of getting
within lens length of Brad.
2003 Diver Rescue 1
May/June 2003
Dive Rescue 1, May 2004
Another successful Dive Rescue class. We dodged
some tornado's, but otherwise had a great time.
Stay tuned for Crime Scene and Salvage photo's.
Underwater Crime Scene Tech II
Sept 19th, 2004
14 Divers are now certified Underwater Crime
Scene Tech II's
Great Class! Sign up soon for next years classes.
Loch Erin Drain Dive
The Lenawee County Drain Commission requested we video a new drain they had installed in Loch
Erin. It took three months to get enough visibility to get any viewable video, but we came through
for them.

Johnson's Gun Recovery
Nov 2001 through Feb 2002
Ton's of hard work, planning
and luck went into the dives that earned us
notice when we recovered gun's involved in
the shooting of one Deputy and the
Kidnapping of another. Read about it
Winter 2004/Ice Dive
Joint training with the
Addison FD and the Cambridge Twp
Fire Dept