Dive Team
Over the years many Dive Team members have come and gone.
This page is some of who we are, and who we've been.
This is when it all started for me. April 9th at Gilboa Quarry was freezing. Our instructor didn't seem to mind in his
Viking dry suit. The frozen few are;                         Jeff Paterson, Cara Rudd, Dan Rudd, Herbert F*&%@ing Lost
(there's a story about his driving                              abilities), Don't remember this guys name, Lt Larry Brenner,
who was the team leader during this time, Ray the instructor, and Ben Oram.
Ben Oram. Ben has retired from the team                         as of 2003, but was one of our first Ice Divers.
We also had a specific hand signal for                              Ben underwater, it
was a hand motion similar to slicking your                          hair back......Pun intended.
Brad                       Taphouse.
Brad                         has since         
retired                      as our       
photographer extraordinair. Says
he may come back if his life ever
slows down.
              Gary Lindsay.                  
              Gary's now retired
             from the team, and
             his joyous smiles like
this will keep us warm and fuzzy
in our dark, cold, dreary dives.
    Chris Hunt. Commonly
    refered to as Eeorr. This
    is about as excited as
    you'll ever see him.
Jeff Paterson.                          Jeff       
started in 95 when                     I did,     
and has survived                       all         
these winters by eating chili that
should have been Scott's.
               Scott Wolfe, Scott                 
                comes to us with a Navy        
                Seal background. You'd
             think with experience like
that he could find cooler things
than a rubber snowman.  
  Shawn Dalton, retired from
  the team to move to Az.
 Must be he's getting old and
 thin skinned. I bet we'd all go
 to warm water if we could.
Jeff Staup, Jeff is one of our
newest member,                      
and was recently
immortalized on the
cover of Dive Rescue's,
Underwater Crime Scene Tech II
text book. He's no Anna
Kournakova, but he's the closest
thing we have to a celebrity.         
Brett White, recently retired from
the team. Brett is staying
on as Sta 89's submarine
Captain. Note to self:
Pay attn to weight limits on Addison's
dive boat when Brett is driving :(
                                        Ryan Whitney, AKA Whitey.                       
(remember Leave it to Beaver). Ryan came on board with Matt
a couple years ago. Ryan has since retired from the team. I
think it was too bad, but Geoff was happy to buy his Twin Jets as he left.

Jerry Swope came
to us from
Addison FD. Jerry
made so many
trainings before
he was on the
team, we just stole
him away from
Bill Kerns came on the same
time as Jerry. We keep Bill
around for his technical
abilities, like filling tanks, and
towing cars from lakes.

Lt Smith. Makes no bones about the
fact he's not a diver,
nor ever will be. Says
his job is to keep us
diving in the lifestyle we're accustom
and works hard at keeping me from the $
Matt Hunkele. Matt
is better known as
Hugger. Matt is one
of our new divers.
He's definitely of the new breed
of kinder, gentler divers
Rick Haglund, A few years ago
Rick made me happy by getting
ice certified.                     With
more people                    like
Rick, I won't                     ever
have to go under the ice again.
Todd Holland, Todd recently
retired as a fire dept diver
because he wanted a bigger
three kids
20 months.
Clearly the bravest man on
our team.
Jack Lawson, Jack also falls into the old
timer group.                    I once saw Jack
empty a                           tank at 70', switch to
another                           tank, and never panic.
Although it                      probably got warmer in
his suit, but                     he never let on.
Geoff Allison,                       Geoff told me
that when he                           first joined
the team thought                    I was some
sort of freak, and                    wondered
what he had joined up with. He must not
mind, because he hasn't left yet.
Cara Rudd, Cara                     is my
sister. Cara first                      started to
dive with us in 95.                    We
always made Cara                   lead so
we could follow her bright pink fins.
Cara's retired and living in South Africa.
Dan Rudd,                    Yep, I make
the website                   so I can put in
what I want.                    I tried to superimpose my melon on some bodybuilders body, but
I'm just not                     talented enough. So I put in a photo when I was a little younger.
This was the day of my open water cert.........more hair, less weight.